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TYM Tractors T474C

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Take on harder tasks in smaller spaces with the T474 compact, proven to be durable and engineered to be efficient. This tractor is a workhorse that is easy to control in greenhouses, orchards and more.

Arable Farming

Promoting thriving crop in your acreage

With powerful lift capabilities in a compact body, a TYM compact tractor enables you to perform tasks within the narrow spaces between garden beds. Save time and labour to realize your vision quickly and efficiently, from tilling and leveling the land to scattering soil and seed treatment, you can grow your own orchard or raise vegetable and fruit beds within your estate. With the option of shorter variations, you can find a sub-compact tractor to support smaller greenhouse operations.


Helping realize projects on your property

From site preparation to finishing, a TYM compact tractor is an ideal choice for construction projects on your land. Compatible with a backhoe, front loader, grapples, post-hole diggers and more, this tractor can assist or take over a project. Greater lift capabilities and gear controls help drive project completion efficiently, whether it’s a simple task like installing a mailbox or larger jobs like building a fence.

Snow Clearing

Bringing safer access to your property in the winter​​​​​​​

With a greater engine controls and a larger fuel tank, a TYM compact tractor is equipped to perform short or long duration tasks. Clear snow from paved surfaces along your estate or private access roads to your property. With the flexibility to use specialized implements on different structures, you can choose a snow blower, snow push, brooms and more to achieve the results you’re looking for.


Supporting the vision for your property​​​​​​​

With greater lift capacity and multi-functional capabilities, a TYM compact tractor helps you accomplish everything from basic lawn care and weed control to installing water features and garden accents. Smaller design, greater control over engine speeds, intuitive operator features and compatibility with a range of specialized implements allow access to narrower spaces, promoting productivity and faster results.

While the exterior of this tractor demonstrates a sleek and rugged design, the interior is packed with in-cabin controls and features to minimize operator effort. From sturdier cast iron linkages to an easy to operate hydrostatic controls, this tractor is engineered for productivity inside and out.

Good clearance from the ground and overhead allows drivers to take on uneven terrain easily, whether in a barn, in wooded areas under tree cover, or inside greenhouses. Equipped with high engine efficiency, impressive lift capabilities and the option of a foldable ROPS or an all-season cab, this tractor has the capabilities to perform light-to-medium duty jobs, all year round.

Series 3
Sale Type
TYM Tractors
Engine Power
48.3 hp
Hitch Lift Capacity
2688.8 lb

Powerful features to drive tractor performance

Leverage a range of features to complete a variety of jobs, quickly and effectively. Available with a foldable ROPS or heated cabin, this compact tractor keep operators comfortable to take on challenges in warm or cold weather.

TYM Tractors T474C 4-cyclinder Kukje diesel engine with high output

Equipped with a powerful, Tier-4 certified 4-cylinder engine, this tractor has an output comparable to utility tractors while maintaining the dimensions of a sub-compact tractor. The durable body and efficient engine come together to perform medium duty applications efficiently and productively.

TYM Tractors T474C External lever to adjust rear implements

 In addition to the in-cabin controls, this tractor has an external position lever near the 3-point hitch. This allows operators to adjust an implement position as soon as it is connected, without needing to go to the cabin. This enables quick and convenient switching between implements, enhancing tractor versatility.

TYM Tractors T474C Controls to speed up, slow down, raise or lower implements

 Even while the tractor is in motion, a dedicated PTO lever can be used to speed up or slow down implement rpm, while the dial can raise and lower implements at the prescribed speed.

TYM Tractors T474C Easy to open hood for convenient maintenance

The tractor hood can be opened in one motion, providing easy access to the engine and other systems for daily checks, routine service and maintenance. The side panel can also be removed easily without the need for specialized tools.

TYM Tractors T474C 3-point hitch with powerful lift capacity

The 3-point linkage on the rear has an impressive lift capacity that reaches the end ball joints. The rear PTO control can be used to adjust rpm based on the task, increasing it for more intensive applications like slashing and digging.

TYM Tractors T474C High capacity fuel tank to support time intensive work

The high capacity fuel tank allows drivers to take on jobs for longer periods without stopping for fuel. This is in addition to the engine, which promotes fuel-efficient operation and increases the time before a refuel.

Engine manufacturer Kukje A2300N2 Yanmar 3TNV88-CR Kukje A2300N2
Type Natural Aspiration - Natural Aspiration
Gross engine power 48.3 hp | 36 kW 37.4 hp | 27.5 kW 48.3 hp | 36 kW
PTO power 35.9 hp | 26.4 kW 30.2 hp | 22.5 kW 37.2 hp | 27.4 kW
Rated engine speed 2600 rpm 3000 rpm 2600 rpm
No. of cylinders 4 3 4
Displacement 139.5 cu. in. 100.2 cu. in. 139.5 cu. in.
Air cleaner Single Dry Dual Dry Single Dry
Alternator 12V, 70A R: 12V, 50A; C: 12V, 70A 12V, 70A
Fuel system IDI CRDI IDI
Transmission type Mechanical Mechanical Synchro-Shuttle/HST
No. of speeds F12xR12 F12xR12 F8xR8/Infinite 3-range
Max. traveling speed 14.9 mph 15.0 mph 18.45 mph
Brakes Wet Disc Wet Disc Wet Disc
Steering Hydrostatic Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Clutch Dry Single Plate Dry Single Plate Dry Single Plate
hydraulic system
Pump type Dual Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump Dual Gear Pump
Implement flow 7.66 gpm 6.1 gpm 7.66 gpm
Steering flow 4.25 gpm 4.4 gpm 4.25 gpm
Total flow 11.91 gpm 10.5 gpm 11.91 gpm
Category, 3-point hitch I I I
Hitch lift capacity 2688.8 lb 2639 lb 3822 lb
Hitch lift capacity at 24 inches behind link ends 1508.4 lb 1558 lb 3057 lb
Lift control type Position Position Position/Draft
No. of standard remote valves 1 Optional (1 or 2) 2
PTO type Independent Independent Independent
PTO control Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro Electric/Hydro
PTO rear 540 rpm 540 rpm 540 rpm
Fuel tank 9.0 U.S. gal. 9.0 U.S. gal. 17.0 U.S. gal.
Coolant 6.9 qt 7.4 qt 6.9 qt
Crankcase 6.8 qt 6 qt 6.8 qt
Transmission/Hydraulics system 8.5 U.S. gal 8.5 U.S. gal 9.2 U.S. gal
Front axle 2.17 qt 8.7 qt 10.5 qt
dimensions & weights
Overall length with 3-point hitch 131 in. 126 in. 141.3 in.
Overall width 54.5 in. 53.5 in. 63.8 in.
Wheelbase 69.7 in. 64.5 in. 76.2 in.
Height to top of ROPS 94.5 in. 94.5 in. 102.1 in.
Min. ground clearance 12.8 in. 12.8 in. 13.8 in.
Min. turn radius with brakes 106.7 in. 94.4 in. 121.2 in.
Min. turn radius without brakes 117.5 in. 116 in. 131.5 in.
Weight with ROPS 3289 lb 3020 lb 3871 lb
Weight with cab 3607 lb 3417 lb 4198 lb
standard tires
R1 Agricultural - Front Farm Specialist 7-16 NHS TL 6PR Farm Specialist 7-16 NHS TL 6PR Farm Specialist 9.5-16 NHS TL 6PR
R1 Agricultural - Rear Farm Specialist 11.2-24 NHS TL 6PR Farm Specialist 11.2-24 NHS TL 6PR Farm Specialist 14.9-24 NHS TL 6PR
R3 Turf - Front Multi-Trac CS 27x8.50-15 NHS TL 4PR Multi-Trac CS 27x8.50-15 NHS TL 4PR Multi-Trac CS 27x10.50-15 NHS TL 4PR
R3 Turf - Rear Multi-Trac CS 41x14.00-20 NHS TL 4PR Multi-Trac CS 41x14.00-20 NHS TL 4PR Multi-Trac CS 44x18.00-20 NHS TL 4PR
R4 Industrial - Front Trac Chief 10-16.50 NHS TL 6PR Trac Chief 10-16.50 NHS TL 6PR Trac Chief 12-16.5 NHS TL 6PR
R4 Industrial - Rear Xtra Grip 43x16.00-20 NHS TL 6PR Xtra Grip 43x16.00-20 NHS TL 6PR Xtra Grip 16.9-24 NHS TL 6PR
Tire R1 Agricultural Tires F Farm Specialist 7-16 NHS TL 6PR R Farm Specialist 11.2-24 NHS TL 6PR
Tire R3 Turf Tires F Multi-Trac CS 27x8.50-15 NHS TL 4PR Multi-Trac CS 41x14.00-20 NHS TL 4PR
Tire R4 Industrial Tires F Trac Chief 10-16.50 NHS TL 6PR R Xtra Grip 43x16.00-20 NHS TL 6PR
Block heater
7-pin trailer socket
Mid-PTO kit
Auxiliary hydraulic kit
Double rear remote w/ detent
Front counterweights
BHPAD200 Street Pads
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